Quotes and Comments

Concerning Composition

Her creative output strikes an interesting balance between past, present and future, making important connections between past practices and present-day culture.We as musicians are fortunate to be involved in a living tradition, and she is one of the ones working to move it forward in both quality and relevancy.

–Dr. Peter Yates

I got totally lost in the 2nd movement of the trio [Counterpoint Invariable] for the simple reason it was so very lovely – really very special.

–Mason Daring, composer/producer

Triptych” has a power and directness that really draws me in!… I’ve very much enjoyed getting to know these…works. Your music, as always, combines exciting and dynamic elements with a directness and honesty that really appeals to me.

–Comment by S. Renshaw of Parma Recordings.

“I fell in love with the piece [“Anima Mechaincae: Soul of the Machine”] the very first time I heard it – performed by Sarah herself as the first violinist with the Hill String Quartet. We were so happy that “Anima Mechanicae” was selected by PARMA Recordings to be featured on the “Modern String Quartet” album and we got an opportunity to work with Sarah and producer Andy Happel on recording it. Can’t wait for a chance to perform it live, and so looking forward to the release!”

–Comment by Julia Okrusko, first violinist with the New England String Quartet. (View comment with photo here!)

“Nabbed some seriously awesome electronic music from Sarah. Exactly what I needed to transform an utterly awful day and render it beautiful… Grabbed an album from Sarah, and promptly had to grab everything else I could find. An excellent variety, and excellent throughout… It’s been a long time since I’ve been moved by an entire body of work.”

Wetdryvac WDV

I think of you quite often, especially as I have had so often a chance to sing and play ‘Face in the Moonlight‘ here at Christ Church Jerusalem (it has become quite a favourite of our volunteers, and a huge blessing – thank you so much for giving me permission to share it).

–Comment by Sarah Bowden.

“Beautiful, beautiful music. Last night I played the segment of A Garden Prayer and my teenage boys stopped to ask me what it was because it was cool. Your music is cross-generational! I also liked the Vortex Warped piece…Your music is lovely.”

“James ‘MacManX’ Huff tipped me off to the most incredible composer, Sarah Wallin, who just finished her latest compositional project, Three Images of Christ’s Final Hours. Lovely, lovely music!”

— Comments by Bonnie Wren.

“I am proud to say that the finished collection [Three Images] is truly a work of art which highlights both her acute attention to detail and imaginative use of instrumentation and melodic phrasing.”

“[Pittsburgh Melody] is truly a work of art. The solo and accompaniment part blend perfectly and you can hear that there really is a symbolic relationship between the two. Pittsburgh Melody is definitely worth the time to listen.”

— Comments by James Huff.

“I brought my son with me to the MIDI Ensemble concert and we both enjoyed it very much. We thought Widescreen, Autumn Interlude, Flying on the Wings of Steam, Karma Police, Personal Echo and Theme from ‘X-Files’ were brilliantly arranged, orchestrated and performed.”

— Comment by Kathy R. Yeh, student at Cal Poly, Pomona.

“This should be part of the standard repertoire!”

–Comment by Cathlin Reese, during a recording session for Greek Dance.
Concerning Teaching

“Thank you so much for being such a great teacher! I just wanted…to let you know what a difference we see in [our son] and his relationship with his violin training. He is thoroughly enjoying it and feels drastically more comfortable with you than with any other teacher he has previously had…He doesn’t feel anxious or nervous about what he doesn’t know with you and is, therefore, able to progress and grow. Thank you so very much!”

–Comment by Shannan Hardy

“You are a great inspiration. I am thankful for having you once as my teacher…You kept me interested in music and you gave me the drive to keep going (studying music)…I really like having you for my teacher. You are absolutely spectacular. When you taught me, you always came up with new ways and ideas to teach a technique. That’s what makes you a great teacher. You geared each lesson specifically for my level and ability. Please keep up the good work.”

–Comment by MaLinda Howze

“Thanks for being an inspiration to [my daughter]. She really enjoys her classes and looks forward to seeing you all the time.”

–Comment by Ezekiel Chavez


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