My Services

I am equipped and experienced in providing numerous services to meet your unique needs.

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  • Private lessons, lectures, rehearsal clinics/sectionals, group and master classes, etc. Ages as young as 2 years old to 92. All levels of experience, from brand-new beginner to advanced. I can teach via any of these scenarios in the following educational subjects:
    • Violin technique: repertoire, performance, historically informed interpretation and practice, etc. If the student is well-established in basic technique, I am also happy to teach genre-specific technique (e.g., country, Celtic, jazz, rock, improvisation, early music practice, etc…)
    • Music Theory: common practice era, modal and tonal counterpoint, 20th century analysis (including Pitch Class Set Theory), arranging, orchestration/instrumentation, music history, etc.
    • Composition: studying and honing the art of writing music and finding “your voice.” From introductory levels to advanced.

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