Event Planning

Sarah Wallin Huff has been performing and contracting music for various events (such as weddings, receptions, banquets, memorial services, parties and family gatherings, church services, and much more!), constituting a myriad of ensemble types (such as violin solo, string duet, string trio, string quartet, string octet, violin and piano, violin and guitar, piano trio and quartet…and more) since 1998.

Sarah (violin), Kathleen (violin), Anne (cello), Miguel (viola)

As a professional composer/arranger, Wallin Huff also offers her services in arranging (or even creating brand-new) non-traditional or contemporary music of the client’s choosing. Please see the following list for more details on music selections for your special event.

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this page to view videos of Sarah in live performance with colleagues.


Traditional Tunes:

These famous and well-loved tunes are just a sampling of the traditional, Classical favorites you might choose to be performed for your event. Clicking on each linked title will take you to a sample video or sound file (remember, what you hear as the original instrumentation in the sample recordings, can in fact be played by the custom ensemble of your choosing).


Non-Traditional / Pop, Rock, etc…

  • You can choose just about any song you’d like to have played at your event; imagination is the only limit!
  • Sarah already has a library of arranged music for certain ensembles and certain songs of varying genres and styles (list to come soon)… If you choose one of these pre-existing works, there will be no extra charge.
  • Sarah is more than happy to write out and arrange any of your favorite song(s) you’d like to have heard with the specific ensemble of your choice. For a new arrangement done specially for your event, there will be a charge of $75 per tune.
  • Would you like Sarah to compose a brand new composition, just for you and your event? Complete with a personalized dedication to you, to remain on the heading of the work for all of the foreseeable future? :mrgreen: Let Sarah know! All details will be arranged on an individual and specialized basis.


Videos of Sarah Wallin Huff and Friends in Performance

Here is a small sample of Sarah in performance with a few of her colleagues…