Favorite Performance Videos

My YouTube channel has certainly grown, so I decided to maintain a slightly more “pruned” page with my own most favorite performance memories all in one place — Scroll down and find everything from me playing classical violin, both traditional favorites and my own compositions, to fiddling “Devil Went Down to Georgia” to playing video game music, to me even singing a few tunes! 🙂

[yt_playlist mainid=”iMkT3y1dC8A” vdid=”iMkT3y1dC8A,WTO4XGLKmVA,VZOPMvwv1Bo,jRTmDDihi7c,phIU-N5m0Ps,rFDwK1Q3KTQ,kcNQJY5_utE,OVaZfbiS4Yk,SYomLS7yl5g,4od4KpQwJ3M,tqwlTYNQHs4,oofiz0e4Evc,GcpJAR1LLC4,PuUYwLgxv4A,ZBPswa71vFM” novd=”15″]