Recent Performance Videos

Recent Performance Videos

This past month has been full of delightful performance experiences! I thought I’d collect some of the videos I’ve accumulated from them here for you to enjoy (in no particular order…). 🙂

Cal Poly Pomona Philharmonic

The Cal Poly Pomona Philharmonic did a FANTASTIC performance of my original tune “Greek Dance” (String Orchestra Edition) on 5/2/2023 (click the link for sheet music)!

CPP Flute and Saxophone Ensembles

On April 24, 2023 the combined Flute and Sax Ensembles performed two custom arrangements they requested to play together, which I did for them: a theme from “Cast Away” and the Prelude from “Psycho” (click the links for sheet music). They did such a great job!

Violin/Piano Entertainment at Hillcrest: My Originals

After not being able to visit the lovely residents at Hillcrest for three years (due to the pandemic), it was so nice to play music for them again finally on April 14, 2023! Joining me on piano was my dear friend and talented colleague, Lydia Wu. Here are just a few of the highlights…

Samba: sheet music here.
Gleann… sheet music here.
Forgotten Melody sheet music here.
Crystallization sheet music here.
Reluctant Carnie sheet music here.

Some “Backstage Clips” from a Cinco de Mayo Performance

On April 30, the Whittier Regional Symphony partnered with the wonderful Mariachi Divas to present a really fun advance Cinco de Mayo show! I had such a blast that I wanted to share a sneak peek from my own chair in the first violin section, playing two of my favorite orchestral works from that program…

Violin/Piano Entertainment at Hillcrest: Classic Favorites

Here are a few of our classic violin/piano favorites we performed, too!

“Four Short Pieces” by Frank Bridge: I. Meditation
“Four Short Pieces” by Frank Bridge: II. Spring Song
“Four Short Pieces” by Frank Bridge: III. Lullaby
“Four Short Pieces” by Frank Bridge: IV. Country Dance
“Mazurka” by Amy Beach
“Berceuse” by Amy Beach

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