Behind-the-Scenes: Recording “Trusty Hatpin”

I have had such a blast recording this fun, little tune from my upcoming opera with my friends! It’s not finished yet; there are a couple more friends I’m waiting to get in on this recording soon… But here’s a little background regarding the song first.

TLDR: The scene takes place in the United States circa 1903, at a time when women were just beginning to populate the social areas previously reserved for men. To guard against the “mashers” who were simply afraid of seeing so many women outside the home, many women trusted their protection to their hatpins, a dangerous fashion accessory that was common in this time period.

Check out the behind-the-scenes action of recording the song (so far) below! (Click on a photo to embiggen.)

Yes, there will be a music video… 😉

One last thing:

You can get a copy of the finished track for this song in your inbox before it’s officially released by donating toward another ambitious project–check out all the info here before February 1, 2023!

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