Updates on My Upcoming Album!

Updates on My Upcoming Album!

Two more tracks have been recorded at the beautiful Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport, MA, and one other track is on its way to being mastered! This album is coming together, yay!

Here are some photos and videos from the amazing in-person session we did for the “Nevermore Suite” for viola and piano:

A good look inside the performance hall!
Rehearsing “The Raven” (movement 1 of “Nevermore”)
Rehearsing “The Tell-Tale Heart” (movement 3 of “Nevermore”)

Two days later, a string quartet from the Juventas New Music Ensemble recorded “Wabi-Sabi” in the same hall!

A sneak peek from “Wabi-Sabi” movement 2: “Evolution”
I was joining in the recording session remotely from So. Cal…

Finally, just today I finished perfecting the final mix from the three recording sessions for “Of Roses and Lilies” and sent the file off to be professionally mastered!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the final mix coming together at last!

Enjoy these sneak peeks at the process behind the work—I can’t wait to share the finished album with you soon!

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