Behind the Scenes: Recording “Of Roses and Lilies“

Behind the Scenes: Recording “Of Roses and Lilies“

For the past several months—since August 2021–I’ve been collaborating with my dear friend Claire Fedoruk to work on bringing my 2013 musical piece, “Of Roses and Lilies”, to life. It’s been quite an adventure!

August 2021…

We started off recording Claire on the soprano solo part accompanied by Lydia Wu on piano.

Myself, Lydia, and Claire

(Side note: during that same session, Lydia also recorded this AMAZING rendition of my solo piano work, “Crystallization”! Listen to her performance here on the Bronze Award winning EP!)

February 2022…

Next, I took that recording of Claire and Lydia and created a custom click track to which the next layers of recording would be added later…

Explaining the process…
…how it was going…it was tedious, but worth it!

March 5, 2022

On this Saturday in March, we assembled a talented chamber ensemble of 16 string players plus one english horn player (Angela Wells) and soprano recorder player (Rachel Mellis)! It was such a thrilling session, and the results were fantastic!

April 23, 2022

Finally, we added the “cherry on the top”, the women’s chorus, featuring four sopranos and three altos!

Singing a segment of the women’s chorus part

What’s left?…

Now that I have these layers, I need to combine all of them into a cohesive whole: a full recording of this epic piece of music! Then this recording will be passed off to Parma Recordings’s capable hands to be added to my full album releasing sometime in 2023!

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