Successful Recording, In Progress

Successful Recording, In Progress

This past Saturday we accomplished a successful recording session of the orchestral part for “Of Roses and Lilies”!

We recorded this layer on top of the solo soprano and piano layer we recorded seven months ago, with vocals by Claire Fedoruk and piano work by Lydia Wu.

You can see some of my prep work (setting up a custom click track and getting my cables together, for example) in between these two sessions on my TikTok page

This past Saturday it was such a blast getting to work with such talented and wonderful human beings! The results—even before any proper mixing work has begun—are already phenomenal!

The final layer to be recorded is a women’s octet; we’re hoping to record that in April.

You can still help out with the funding of this gorgeous recording and get special behind-the scenes news first! Just hit the Donate button on my Ko-fi page!

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