New Short Story Out Now!!

New Short Story Out Now!!

I am so excited to announce the release of The Gospel According to Rachel, a new short story set in the universe of The Kesher Chronicles!

…stories from The Kesher Archives are brief, introspective looks at the universe from a character’s point of view as they are directly impacted by the machinations of rival deities Kol-Kesher and Bezrah.

In The Gospel According to Rachel, Rachel Rifadoft is torn from her hope for a peaceful afterlife when she finds herself face to face with Kol-Kesher himself. As he strives to make her see and understand his past actions, done on behalf of a doomed humanity, she wrestles with the realization that her entire universe has been a lie all along. Now she must summon the courage to reject all she has been taught and work toward preserving the whole of existence when she realizes how high the stakes really are.

If you’ve been sad about about what happened to Rachel at the end of Kesher Chronicles #2 (spoilers), now you can get an advance glimpse at what happened from her point of view, and begin to see more of what’s been going on behind the scenes with Kol-Kesher for millennia… *insert conniving finger-teepee here*

The story can be read and enjoyed by anyone, regardless if they’ve read any of the main Chronicles books. But it adds a nice extra dimension to this vast, unfolding saga. ?

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