I Need Your Opinion!

Sarah Wallin Huff

I have a special shindig I’m planning for April (announcement coming soon!), and I need your help deciding which pieces of mine I should have played! ^_^

We already have “Anima Mechanicae,” “DodecaFunky,” and “Nevermore” planned… But what else would you like to hear?

There’s a lot to choose from, and only a limited amount of time available for performance, so choose up to your five top favorites. You can copy the links beside each option to listen to a recording of the piece.

Your responses will be confidential and only saved long enough for me to tally the votes. I’ll announce the winners after Feb 15!

Submit your vote below!

Thank you so much for your help!

I want this show to be special and full of what you want to hear! 🙂

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