Leviathan Recording Progress: Complete Cadenza

Leviathan Recording Progress: Complete Cadenza

Check out the recorded version of the Cadenza from movement 3, “The Hunt”!

It’s such a neat way to hear the huge range of the 6-string electric violin without anything covering it… This cadenza incorporates elements from the solo found in all three movements– I really dig that it appears toward the end of the 3rd movement only, so it can really shine as a sort of recap to the whole work!

Also, in this little video you’ll see the actual waveform taken from the beginning of the second movement’s recording. And– there’s a special treat at the end of this video… Be sure to look for that image around on some swag in the near future… 😉

Remember, become a Backstage Member so you can download and stream this epic concerto when it’s out! It (and the aforementioned swag) will ONLY be available to Backstage-ers for a long time!

This recording is approximately half-way finished; the second movement is fully recorded and first-draft balanced, and that movement (“Sighting”) is as long as the other two movements combined!

Check out the teaser videos below to hear the orchestral and synth accompaniment to the two main themes in movement 2 (FYI for the music nerds– this movement is in a really cool Mirror Sonata Form!!):

Find out more about this Concerto here!

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