Our Featured Musicians: #InternationalWomensDay Edition

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of introducing two of our amazing musicians performing on the “Of Roses and Lilies” upcoming April recording session! Meet violist Charlotte Van Houten and our soprano soloist Ayla Draper below…

Here’s Charlotte: “I began my musical studies at age 3… I love premieres specifically because it’s always so much fun watching the composer hear their music brought to life for the first time!… Recording sessions always seem magical to me. I love going into a studio, never having seen the music before, and then sight reading it along with an orchestra and hearing something entirely new unfurl. Sarah has such a lush and fantastical composition style that I know this session and piece will be beautiful.”


Here’s Ayla: She plays “Piano, Voice, Mallet Percussion…I’ve been playing Piano since I was 7 years old, I’ve been singing my whole life, and I’ve been playing percussion for 6 years. There is just something so fun and adventurous about getting to hear your own creation come to fruition, and working with the performers to get the feeling that you want! …[I’m excited to meet] all of the other musicians that Sarah has pulled together, and working together to make this beautiful piece flourish!!”

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