My newest full-length album is finally here!!!

Just in time for Christmas– with two brand spankin’ new holiday songs to get you in the mood! 😉

ESOTERICA invites the listener to journey through arcane mists of time and diverse worlds of sound. From one of Wallin Huff’s earliest works, “Pegasus,” to her latest work, “Weeping Willow,” this album is woven together from the threads of intimate chamber music, sweeping orchestral works, and even some modern electronica. With “Now Winter Nights Enlarge,” a scene of bacchanal youth during Wintertime Festivities excites the imagination, while “Christmas Wayfarer” follows original adaptations of traditional winter carols across a thrilling journey across the world. “Wings of the Four Seasons” retells a traditional Japanese tale by way of treble-and-alto string trio; “Butterfly Lullaby” soothes troubled nightmares with the Native American symbolism of the butterfly as bringer of Hope; “Introit” and “Song of the Golden Spiral” transport to alternate planes of reality entirely. A mystical aura breathes throughout ESOTERICA, surrounding the spirit with wonder.

It’s available — at a reduced cost — for direct download from my store right now; iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, etc., should be up shortly.



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