New Full-Length Album, Coming Soon!

My new album “ESOTERICA” is almost ready for its official release on Tuesday December 20!

ESOTERICA - Available Tues. December 20!
ESOTERICA – Available Tues. December 20!

Part of the delay on ESOTERICA’s completion was my determination to include my brand new violin duet weeping-willowon this recording. It is a just-finished, commissioned work for 2 violins and piano, with strong flavors of “Fiddler on the Roof,” Ernest Bloch’s “Baal Shem,” and “Schindler’s List”… This new duet is called “Weeping Willow” — I am SO proud of how it turned out! 🙂

I’m working out a schedule now to record this new duet with my friends Mike Jung (you can hear him playing piano on our new “Pegasus” recording), and violinist Adrienne Andisheh. We should be able to get together to make this happen at the end of this month or so. 🙂

For now, if you like, click here to hear the digital demo of the new “Weeping Willow” — please bear in mind, that with real musicians, the heartbreak and drama will be sooooo much more beautiful and meaningful!

But, at least this demo gives you a neat sneak peek at what’s coming soon….

And, check out the trailer video below to hear snippets from 5 of the new tracks of this inspiring album!

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