The Cover Wars Begin Tomorrow!

The novel that begins my original, dystopian saga — “Pursuit of Truth” (Kesher Chronicles #1) — has been approved for entry in the Cover Wars at Author Shout starting tomorrow (3 April)! Voting will begin at 8 AM EST.

What are the Cover Wars?

“…show your support by voting on your favorite [book]. At the end of the week (Sunday at 8 AM EST) voting will end. The cover with the most votes becomes our book of the week in which we will promote for one week on our site, shout outs, and our newsletter.

– Vote for your favorite, but only vote once a day ( You must wait a full 24 hours to vote again or the vote will not count and no cheating)
Share cover wars with everyone so they can come and show their support
– If you really like any of the books, then show further support by clicking on the links and purchasing them

So, starting tomorrow at 5am pacific time, visit the Cover Wars site, select my book cover, “Pursuit of Truth,” to show your support… come back and do that once every 24 hours until the following Sunday morning 😉 … and encourage everyone you know to visit and vote, too!

Thank you for helping my Little Labor of Love get the chance for exposure it deserves. 🙂

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