The Definitive “Kesher Chronicles” Release!

At long last, today is the official day of release for the Definitive Edition of The Kesher Chronicles #1: Pursuit of Truth!

Pick up your copy of the Definitive Edition today!

It’s been a huge opportunity of personal growth for me to keep up with this humble saga of mine for so long, battling my own demons, so to speak… And now, with this exciting release, I am finally prepared to go all the way with the rest of the saga! I aim to release The Kesher Chronicles #2, Questions of Love by mid-August 2016…

By the way, included in this release of Kesher #1 is a sneak peak of Kesher #2: the whole opening chapter from Questions of Love!

By visiting The Kesher Chronicles home page, you can purchase your copy directly from me (via Gumroad), download a free sample, and find links to purchase it on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, and B&N.


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