Learning to Read Music is Easy, and Valuable for Everybody!

Everyone can (and should) learn the basic fundamentals of reading music — it’s NO different than when you first learned to read words. And you don’t even have to be able to play an instrument to understand or appreciate it!

By learning even the simplest basics, you open yourself up to a far deeper understanding of music across all genres and periods of time– again, just like growing from a simple understanding of basic words to being able to carry on a meaningful conversation, music will hold much more meaning for you because of your greater understanding of its construction.

It sounds scary, I know. And there always seems to be this stigma that music is only for “geniuses” or that it’s impossible to understand for the “common masses.” This is nonsense. If a two-year old can figure it out (and I’ve taught them; they can), so can you. 🙂

Take just five minutes and enjoy this engaging and thoroughly comprehensible TED educational video; don’t be afraid– treat your brain to a little bit more enlightenment today! 😉

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  1. Thanks for such an great video….It is very much necessary in this days to learn the music and it is also very much important…There should be some of the basic understanding of the Music we can say….

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