New Electro-Acoustic Quartet Finished!

Composed at the request of Kay Pech for the 2014 Chamber Music Institute of Southern California, I present my latest work: Organic Circuitry!


A highly unique quartet for two acoustic instruments (violin and cello) and two electric instruments (5-string and 6-string violins, with effects pedals)!

Attached above is a rough digital demo of the work — it’s missing of course, the classy nuance of expression that only live players can give, as well as the digital shine of some of the pedal effects I’ve written into the work for the two electric violin players.

But Aisling and I will be performing this intriguing work at its debut in concert on July 20th at 3pm, at Cerritos Park East, inside the community center. Visit CMI’s website for more info on this fabulous free concert – Don’t miss the debut performance of the one and only Organic Circuitry!

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