Conquering LilyPond

Woohoo! I am so stoked to announce that I have finally finished the complete engraved rendering of the score and parts to my latest composition, Of Roses and Lilies!

I have been working hard to learn the coding language necessary to operate LilyPond, and after completely hacking away at this particularly gigantic score, with the need for idiosyncrasies in notation related to keyboard, vocal lines with lyrics, strings, and woodwinds, I have emerged victorious! I would not have put so much effort into mastering this program, if the resulting sheet music didn’t look so beautiful and professional! On top of that, in regard to formatting the score/parts, whereas graphical notation software continually presented some bugginess in the output, even after having completed the final product, LilyPond’s formatting is essentially automatic, with the flexibility to adjust each aspect as necessary. To simply type in what is needed and then render and receive an automatically beautiful output, is completely worth the effort it took to learn how this coding works! Plus, now I feel pretty smart, lol. (^‿◕)

And now, Of Roses and Lilies has been added to my sheet music collection for sale! Check it out at my Sheet Music Store!

of roses score sample
“Of Roses…” score sample

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