The Final Recording Session (for now)

Yesterday’s recording sessions were a fabulous success!

Counterpoint Invariable went like clockwork– the three talented ladies who played it nailed it nearly every single take, and they made the work come alive in ways I could only have hoped for!! (In fact, the producer of these two recordings had this to say of the violin trio: “I got totally lost in the 2nd movement of the trio for the simple reason it was so very lovely – really very special.”)

And, as I’ve mentioned, Gypsy Wanderer sounds thoroughly amazing! Passionate, on fire, beautiful… All the emotional moments in the work come alive and were captured for all to hear soon.

Keep your eyes out for news of the release of this album— you won’t want to miss the final product from all this work, seriously… It’ll be available really really soon, within only a few more months!!!!! ヽ(^o^)丿



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