Second Score Engraved and Future Jobs

After my success with “Broken Innocence,” I decided to tackle all three movements of “Counterpoint Invariable” within the LilyPond system. It was a lot of meticulous work, but it was so very worth it! My scores have never looked so good!

I learned all kinds of new techniques with the coding language; it’s beginning to feel more familiar to me. I feel like a kid again, learning a new language! 😉

My next plans involve transforming the remaining two movements of “Courage Triptych,” and potentially “Adoré,” “Gypsy Wanderer,” and “Anima Mechanicae” as well. Someday down the road I should be able to engrave the parts to these scores fairly easily. But I’ve got a lot of new writing to do, too:

  • a new handbell, celesta, and viola work for the handbell choir at The Master’s College, which needs to be done by early January, if it’s going to be done at all;
  • and Jorge’s exciting music-art-manuscript collaboration, which needs to be complete with recording finished before June.
  • I also need to complete formatting the parts for “Of Roses and Lilies,” since I’m planning on having my college string orchestra perform it at our concert in April… 😉

May as well use LilyPond for this and all future jobs! I’m so proud of myself! :mrgreen:

Why not purchase your copies of this beautiful hand-engraved music for yourself and your musical colleagues today? 😉 More to come soon; stay tuned!


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