Today’s Goings-On…

In assorted news…

  • Check out my new and improved online Sheet-Music Storewith revised pricing! W00t! (Note: my Sheet Music Plus catalogue has also been revised pricing-wise, but it will take 7-10 business days or so for it to be reflected and accessible.) Support your friendly-neighborhood composer today! 😉
  • TONIGHT/TOMORROW.. in the wee morning hours (meaning 4am California time) I’ll be Skyping in with PARMA Recordings again out in the Czech Republic, to complete the recording of my Courage Triptych! Last weekend, we finished laying down the tracks for the two larger Images, “Broken Innocence” and “Valiance”; those recordings came off beautifully! Later today/tomorrow, we’ll get to finish the recording of the charming, chamber-style first Image, “A Garden Prayer”! Can’t wait to hear this!
    • I tell ya, having written this work back when I was 18 and 23-ish, I never imagined I’d get to hear this done by the real pros–and it truly makes a HUGE difference!! I have renewed hope and love for this work now, haha! :mrgreen:

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