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Works to be Featured on New Album

Greetings! I thought everyone might be interested in a single post where demos of the five compositions that will be included on my upcoming PARMA album could be found… so that you can take a listen to just a small sample of the awesome-ness that we are producing and that YOU are a vital part of! :mrgreen:

In no particular order, the new works to fill this exciting album are:

  • Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine for string quartet, performed by the New England String Quartet (this sample track is a clip from the recording of the NESQ)[audio]
  • Adoré for string orchestra, performed by the Moravian Philharmonic (this sample track performed by the Aineo Christian Orchestra)
  • Counterpoint Invariable for violin trio (sample midi track below)
  • Gypsy Wanderer sonata for violin and piano (sample midi demos below)
    Movement 1:
    Movement 2:
    Movement 3:
    Movement 4:
  • Courage Triptych for violin duo, piano, soprano saxophone, and string orchestra, performed by the Moravian Philharmonic (sample midi demos below)
    I. A Garden Prayer:
    II. Broken Innocence
    III. Valiance

Spread the word! Let’s get this project funded!

2 thoughts on “Works to be Featured on New Album

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