It’s Here!

A little bit of backstory:

Spring of 2012, I was invited by PARMA Recordings in New Hampshire to have them record and produce my original work for string quartet, “Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine“, to include it on the compilation album: “ALLUSIONS: Evocative Chamber Works” that was to be released worldwide, in-stores and online, distributed and promoted by PARMA under the Navona label, and included in the Naxos Library.


Well, as of two days ago, I received my completed early-release artist copies of the finished album! My work is featured as the first track! The album will be officially released Sept 24, but I was thrilled to see the actual product now! It’s just such an amazing milestone!

(FYI: PARMA is also in the middle of recording and producing my first solo composition album with them — an album of all my own works — which will include “Anima Mechanicae”, “Adoré” (for string orchestra), “Counterpoint Invariable” (for three violins), and “Gypsy Wanderer” (violin and piano) among others.

If anybody would like to donate to the project, you can find more info here…)

Also, I will have some copies of the early release of ALLUSIONS available for $10 a copy, if anyone would like to purchase directly from me (and I’m happy to sign copies, too). 🙂


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