Automattic Gathering…

James and I had a grand time hanging with the awesome Automattic peeps of WordPress fame this past Friday evening!

WC_LA dinner_Aug2013

And.. we were graciously invited to participate in the convention after-party…. And I won one of the two raffle prizes! OMG!

I took home an Ion iCade — it rocks! It totally takes me back to my childhood days of playing on our family Commodore Vic-20, and it makes iPad gaming SOOOOO much more fun and engaging!!! It’s beautifully crafted from wood and everything, too; nice and sturdy… Beautiful construction!

You wouldn’t maybe think it would make such a difference; I certainly didn’t think so at first. But if you’re a gamer from childhood like me from the ’80s, man, you just have to try it yourself!!!! :mrgreen: (Many thanks to the nice folks at Dreamhost for making my day like this!)

Just for fun, I’ve since “wasted my day” exploring two new platform scrolling games for the iPad that are compatible with the iCade; I LOVE these games so far!

Have fun!

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