I LOVE this video and it’s messages– be sure to look for all the guest celebrities! I can’t believe there’s still bullying going on against geek girls! What de frak? You know, I remember to this day, when I was a little girl I once won a remote control sport truck in a raffle drawing at a mall, and I had the grandest time with it until it died– srsly, I drove my Pound Puppies/Purries and my Barbie doll around the back patio in it, imagining they travelled back in time to see the dinosaurs in it and having all kinds of crazy adventures! But, when I first won that truck, EVERYBODY in the audience ridiculed me as went up to get it– they said things like: “oh poor thing… Do you have a little brother you can give that truck to?” Arghhh!!! When will we let go of these stereotypes?????!!!! Enjoy this video, and be empowered to be who you are and change our world!!

ORIGINAL: By The Doubleclicks, featuring everyday geek girls, plus some geek heroes like Amy Berg (writer: “Eureka,” “Person of Interest,” “Leverage”), Adam Savage (“Mythbusters”), Wil Wheaton (“Star Trek: TNG”), and more. Found on Jezebel. To contribute your own image, visit Geek Girls Have #NothingToProve.

“Nothing to Prove” Lyrics:
I entered this scene through rejection and honesty
Nerds weren’t mean, they were weird and that worked for me
After 10 years of teasing when social skills failed me
Dungeons & Dragons cured all that ailed me

We read books, we played games, we made art, we watched Lost
We said things like “D20”, “shipping” and “Mana cost”
It felt good to be myself, not being mocked
Still self-conscious, though, we whispered things about jocks

But one day, you grow up, come into your own
Now geek’s not rejection – it’s a label I own
Then ignorant haters come to prove me wrong
Tell me I’m not nerdy enough to belong

I’ve got nothing to prove
I’ve got nothing to prove
I’ve got nothing to prove

Fake Geek Girl test – that’s a funny one, go ahead
How many comic books are there I haven’t read?
I know it feels good to have a contest you win
It would feel even better if I wanted in

So women aren’t geeks, so is that your conclusion?
That this is some secret club based on exclusion?
12-year-old dorks would say you’re being selfish
And then they’d go write in their journals in Elvish

I’ve got nothing to prove
I’ve got nothing to prove
I’ve got nothing to prove

I’ve got cred but honestly, I shouldn’t need it
This world needs all kinds of folks to complete it
You’ve got gamers, and artists and comic subscribers
Cosplayers, crafters and fan-fiction writers

You can stop – never say “fake geek” again
Our club needs no bouncers – all who want in get in
But go ahead, if you want, to own that role fully
I ain’t got nothing to prove to a bully!

I’ve got nothing to prove
I’ve got nothing to prove I’ve got nothing to prove

Haters are gonna hate

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