Some of my Regular Favs

I figured it was high time to update my list of what products I have found useful in my musicking: which products I regularly use and would recommend to others….

Violin Strings

(And, actually, yes, I have found shopping for strings at Amazon to be far cheaper for the set I currently have fallen in love with):

I’ve found this combo of Infeld Reds and the “Universal” Pirastro E to be PERFECT for Flora! 😉

6-String Electric Violin Strings

Currently, I’ve got a full set of Thomastik Vision strings.

I originally found it on Amazon… unfortunately it’s not there as of this posting… I’ll keep my eye out for it…


Shoulder Pad (Rest)

Music Stands

Every gigging musician (or practicing musician for that matter) needs one! I have two that I absolutely love!

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