Scales and Arpeggios

Just had to mention in a quick review here, how much fun and a sense of accomplishment I’ve been gaining since returning to a once-dreaded pastime during practice… Scales!….

I had gotten the inspiration from doing some reading about, to return to an old volume by Ivan Galamian called, “Contemporary Violin Technique, Volume One.” My violin teacher and mentor had given this volume to me as a gift years ago, and — wouldn’t you know it — of course I hardly paid it any attention at the time, until now…

And I’m so glad I’ve gone back to incorporating it into my practice routine! Lately, I’ve been working through the four octave scale pages, just keeping it slow and simple, striving for fluidity and accuracy. I really only have scratched the surface, but I can already feel the security and solidarity my technique is gaining by simply running up and down the fingerboard with these scales.

Do it, kids, seriously. Don’t neglect your scales… And, I HIGHLY recommend getting them via this Galamian book — the fingering options are great, the construction of moving from one key to the next without a stop within an exercise, and — the most unique part of this system — the myriad options of rhythm and bowings you can apply to any given exercise!

Don’t underestimate the power of Smart Scale Work! :mrgreen:

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