My AZ Adventure

Recently, I had the IMMENSE honor and pleasure of traveling out to Phoenix, AZ to play as guest fiddler for a show with the band Mrs. Lincoln.

The whole trip was just way-too-much-stinkin’-fun! And the show was awesome, to say the least! A wonderfully talented group of musicians and crazy-fun people to work with and hang out with! :mrgreen:MrsLincolnFanMsg

I am incredibly honored to be an honorary member of the band, and I can’t wait to play with them again real soon.

Here are a couple great examples of our jamming together in rehearsal, on the song “Caleb Meyer”…


Another fun adventure I got to have on my day-time-off before rehearsal with the band, was my chance to visit the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix. I LOVED it! So much fun! I spent about five hours in there, and was able to see everything! I’ve compiled a host of photographs for you to enjoy, just to give you a taste of the experience….

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