5 DAYS LEFT to contribute $20 and receive your private download link for the AWESOME new single “GrayScale”… as well as your personalized Thank You card AND your complimentary copy of the in-progress Selected Works CD being produced by PARMA right now!

We’re at $375 right now! Can we get that number up to at least $1,000? I think so!

If just 50 fans were to take advantage of the Exclusive Track offer and contribute $20, we’d be there! :mrgreen:

Please realize: I will NOT be releasing “GrayScale” to the public any time soon–NOW’s your chance to get it!–but I REALLY-truly want to share it with you! I’ve already had many compliments on this song! 😳


Please help spread the word! Will you or one of your friends be one of the lucky 50 fans? I hope so! <3

CONTRIBUTE TODAY! Let’s get this debut all-original album fully funded!

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