Blast from the Past

Back in 2007, while playing with the Aineo Christian Orchestra, I was asked to arrange several orchestrations for their local church orchestra and choir. Well, just today, I received a request to send along the score to one of those orchestrations, “God’s Power Within Us”; apparently, the Sa-Rang Community Church still performs these little thrown-together orchestrations of mine from time to time, and they’ll be performing “God’s Power Within Us” next Sunday.

Since changing over music notation programs recently, I needed to re-do this score in MuseScore. So, I have it now, all polished up — reasonably so, anyway. :mrgreen:

It really took me back checking this orchestration out again. I admit, I was a little scared to look at it, and even acknowledge that it was mine. But it’s not bad! Certainly, it was a good experience in break-neck, overnight orchestration in my youth!

So, enjoy this score for church orchestra accompaniment to the original, existing choir arrangement!

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