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PARMA has sent me a proposal for the first stages of recording this summer, toward the release of a Selected Works of Sarah Wallin Huff album to be released in the very near future! So far, this recording will include my original works: Gypsy Wanderer, Counterpoint Invariable, Adoré, and the recently recorded Anima Mechanicae!

~~ I need your help to make this a reality! ~~

You can help in many ways:

  • Donate ANY amount and choose from an extensive and exciting list of rewards, reserved specially for those who’ve Backed this project!
    Donate Button with Credit Cards
  • Contribute via PayPal, check, or credit/debit card; we can even agree upon splitting up greater amounts into smaller payments, if you like.
  • Purchase my original music from my Purchase page!
  • Sponsor and help organize a fundraising event or concert at a local venue of you choice!
  • Share this and spread the news (and the opportunity) to everyone you can think of.

Backers who supported me during the Anima Mechanicae project, I’ve included a special message for you at the following link as well. 🙂

Visit "SUPPORT Original Music" for All the Info!

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