First Day of the Future

Today I’m beginning the full-on usage of my new technological music operations!

I’m about to head out for a rehearsal with the Rosé Violin Trio to prepare for our big show this Saturday. First I want to mention how *immensely * helpful forScore has been in my preparations– you see, for one of the new pieces of music we’re tackling (Suite in G minor, Op. 71 for Two Violins and Piano by Maurice Moskowski) I’ve turned the final movement of the work into an explosion for THREE violins, where we’ll be tossing the original themes between all three of us. 🙂 And forScore enabled me to take my amended parts and touch them up properly and send them off to the girls for review.

Needless to say, I’ve now got my parts for our entire Saturday show set up in order in a set list… And (here’s the exciting news) my new Bluetooth foot pedal-hands free-page turner arrived just in time! I got to try it out a bit today, and I’m SO pleased with the whole set up now!

I’m going full-on techie for my gigs now! Woo!!

Enjoy these photos and video I took of my new set-up…. Gotta run and practice now, but look for more later! :mrgreen:

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