Going Vegan

I’m thrilled about this important info!! We can all make a difference, simply one meal choice at a time. The situation of the mega farming corporations in America has grown to ridiculous proportions, destroying our environment, immune systems, health, and humanity.

We all deserve to know what exactly we’re ingesting and bombarding our bodies with. And I’m so encouraged that all we have to do to help the situation is not supply the agribusiness with the business demand that brought this on in the first place. One meal at a time…. I’m going vegan whenever possible. It’s time something is done, and my little contribution will make a difference! ^____^

For valuable information, check out this brochure.

And once you’ve done that, check out this wonderful vegetarian guide, with much more in-depth information and encouragement!

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  1. PS…
    Well, I know myself well enough to know I can’t just go all-vegan all of a sudden. What I appreciated most about the articles I cited is the reminder and focus that just one meal-decision a time is all it takes to save energy, help the welfare of animals, improve our health, and stick it to the giant money-mongers…. And I know I can easily accomplish that, just one decision at a time, and feel like I am making a difference. 😉 I was especially motivated by the news about the utter and obscene energy wastefulness and the horrible use of antibiotics– the primary cause of super bugs….

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