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My St. Patrick’s Day

The Sunday before last was St. Patrick’s Day, and I had a hankering for true-to-form solo busking. Now, it is true that String Theory — the Parallel Universes of Sound acoustic progressive folk rock band — started out purely as a busking experiment on the Third St. Promenade of Santa Monica. But it has since morphed dramatically into something else (and the group has pretty much expressed its weariness of busking and a desire to play only more solid gigs). But, as for myself, I really miss it. I love it.

So, on St. Patty’s Day, James and I went scouting out and about downtown Redlands, as it’s very near our place and has a charming old town thoroughfare, known to attract casual buskers. 🙂

We found the PERFECT place! I spent a couple of hours that afternoon, playing almost exclusively Celtic and other folk fiddle tunes. I had the pleasure of playing for a continuously rapt audience, who expressed great appreciation for my musical services.

I’ve determined that any chance I have to go out there again, as often as I can, will be good and pleasurable for my soul. :mrgreen: Look for more announcements in the coming days of my future busking ventures, and come out to see me if you can!



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