Performing for James Franco, the Details

On February 13, I had the opportunity to play violin for James Franco as part of an art shoot!

I only just now realized (cleaning out some of my photos on file…) that I’ve never shared this amazing experience on my own site! Atrocity! I wanted to wait until more info had come out, but it hasn’t yet and it’s high time I shared my uber-cool experience!

So, a friend from undergrad, a talented guitarist in Los Angeles, sent me a message asking if I’d be interested in being a violinist for a stabbing scene in a James Franco film. Of course I said, yes! Essentially what I found out diving into this was that Franco is creating an art film for a show at a London gallery; the art shoot on the 13th took place at the Bates Motel on the backlot of Universal Studios. A friend of someone working with Franco’s production company is friends with my friend, and so that’s how I got connected.

The scene was the famous Hitchcock Shower Scene. And I was asked to play the famous music from that scene…Solo… Though it is originally composed for a full orchestra…

Having been asked if I “knew the music” I had a sneaking suspicion I might have to whip up a solo version of the epic piece. So I did, and believe me, it’s a ton of acrobatics for one violinist to pull off!! But I came up with something that not only I was proud of, but something that James Franco himself seemed pleased with when I played it for him. :mrgreen:

After that moment, when I met him and played my bit for his approval, they continued with the shoot. Franco was in drag, playing the part of the unfortunate murder-victim in the shower, Marion Crane. And he was fabulous! I enjoyed, while waiting for my turn, listening to the shower running, the screaming, the calls for the chocolate syrup– great stuff!

Finally, after several hours, I was called to the fore. Turns out, only after meeting me did Franco decide he’d like to include me in the shoot! I was thrilled and honored. 🙂

So, with a cleaned up and dried off shower — The Shower, mind you — I stepped inside the shower (yes, fully clothed) with my violin Flora and began playing my solo version of the Psycho shower scene music. We did the shot several times to get a variety of angles. From what I hear the art shoot will be a sort of collage, merging my shots with James Franco’s epic reshoot of Psycho!

Beyond this, I don’t recall which London gallery will be hosting this finished film, or what it’s called, or when it debuts. I hope to find out! When I do I’ll certainly share! Also, throughout the day there was a professional photographer taking shots of the entire experience, including plenty of shots with me and Franco, and me and Flora in the famous shower….

Needless to say, this is one of the COOLEST things I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of! Until more info is released, enjoy these few shots I snuck while waiting around…. 😉

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