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“New” Composition Complete!

LOL! Well, what do you get when you take an old, old composition and rework it to the point of pride and perfection, to the point it needs a new title?….

A new composition! And a fresh, happy feeling!! :mrgreen:


“Courage Triptych”

Consisting of three Images (or movements): 

1. A Garden Prayer, 2. Broken Innocence, 3. Valiance

You might recognize these Images as my old Three Images of Christ’s Final Hours, for Soprano Saxophone, Piano, and String Orchestra…. Well, it is, almost… Never fear; the fan-favorite introductory Image, “A Garden Prayer,” hasn’t changed in the slightest. But the two movements that follow have been given a magnificent face-lift! Truthfully, the work never quite felt settled for me, all these years… But now — it’s complete and whole, for the first time! 🙂

Enjoy these demo recordings of “Courage Triptych”!

Image 1: A Garden Prayer

Image 2: Broken Innocence

Image 3: Valiance

6 thoughts on ““New” Composition Complete!

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