My “New” (Resurrected) Viola!

New $200 viola bow (discounted at $60, woot!) + Awesomely comfy center-oriented chin rest + New “fluffy feeling” Helicore strings + fantastic pirastro goldflex rosin = turning a cheapy student viola outfit into a drastically different, wonderful playing experience! 😛



  • It’s actually not a bad viola in and of itself. they cheaped out really on all the necessary accesories, to help make the whole outfit even cheaper still.
  • The bow and strings and (faulty plastic!) chin rest were so bad to begin with, ANYTHING helps!!!
    Essentially, if the body itself is well-built enough, really, the bow and strings always make ALL the difference, in any string instrument!
  • It was like a $300-$400 outfit, and that was the discounted price, of course (that’s why I went ahead a snagged it at the time)… That’s certainly by no means pro grade quality, but it’s not dirt bottom either… Being as my main focus is violin… I’m really very pleased with the result of improving this viola… now I can feel better about subbing on viola for my friends and for bringing it into recordings, haha! 😉

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