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My Dragon Fiddle is HERE!

Hooray!!! I’m sooooo ecstatic!!!


I got home (in the middle of the Holiday Crazies week typical of your average gigging musicians) 😉 and I had just enough energy left to tear open the package waiting for me, just like a kid at Christmas!!!

My initial assessment: It is frikin’ (in the words of our dear Ken) BEAUTIFUL!

The strings are perfectly spaced; the fingerboard is excellently proportioned with the body’s design to feel exactly as if I were playing my own acoustic baby, Flora; in addition to all the custom crafting of the body, the pickup system is all of Equester‘s own original design… It sounds amazingly rich and mellow and clean, as-is straight into my amp — JUST the way I like my electric violins (but hadn’t quite found to my liking, in the price range I could immediately afford, before now…) — and it feels so perfectly comfortable to play (I get immediate response and accuracy), which is especially important for a 6-string instrument!

And, of course, I LOVE the Dragon Head and Wing design!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Don’t worry — you’ll get to hear it soon! I’m fully geared up now to re-record, and finish recording, all three movements of my Leviathan demo project with this new violin! Those should be up soon enough, certainly before the new year. 🙂 AND, I plan on using this new electric fiddle in all future String Theory Quartet concerts, starting with our holiday show in Chino Hills on December 9th!


Enjoy a cheesy little vid… Sharing the wonders of the LED lights…. ;-P


6 thoughts on “My Dragon Fiddle is HERE!

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