Recent Article for Rosé Trio, Response

The Rosé Trio performed an amazingly wonderful show at University of La Verne recently. In fact, videos from our performance should be available soon. 🙂

It was a great honor that a student journalist interviewed us afterwards and featured us in the Campus Times. You can find her article here.

However, I was disappointed by the tactless and erroneous statements included in the article. For posterity’s sake, I’m including my response here:

There are many errors in this article:
– We are the Rosé Trio
– We performed 4 pieces, the last was a three-movement work by Shostakovich (arr. by Wallin Huff)
– The Marini work is titled “Sonata sopra la Monica”
– While I appreciate that others may not care for my style of composing, I really wish Danielle’s perspective of “Counterpoint Invariable” had been included; she was quoted when talking with Erica as saying that it was her favorite work of our program, and she gave her reasons. Not including another point of view implies that others find my work boring, which may be the case, but in my experience this is a rare point of view. Most others appreciate the complexity and careful detail woven into every work I do.
– Minor point: My last name is Wallin Huff. Not Huff. It’s an understandable error, but one that could have been easily clarified had I been asked.
– I found the paraphrase of us going “out drinking afterward” rather tactless… by virtue of the fact that we went out to have dinner together afterwards, and also indulged in some rosé wine…

Most everything could have been simply clarified had we been asked and had the facts not been merely assumed.

But I do very much appreciate the attendance of our concert. Thank you.

Eh, c’est la vie. Live and learn. 🙂

Word is, the Rosé Trio will be performing our same show again in the near future at Cal State San Bernardino! So keep an eye out for news on that!

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  1. Great response. I would have liked to see my perspective, that of a performer, included in the article. Counterpoint is the type of multi-layered artwork that takes interaction and a willingness to discover on behalf of the listener as well as an understanding of it’s color, construction, language and its beauty in order for one to appreciate the experience of witnessing a piece like this. Like so many things in our lives, newness in music presents a challenge, something not everyone wants after a hard day of college work. But what would life be like without newness? We need more pioneers like Sarah, more artists to cut new paths, and more willingness to venture into the unknown.

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