My New Electric Fiddle

I’m finally getting a brand new, custom designed, 6-string electric violin, handmade by Ireneusz Equester Makowski!

I’m extremely grateful to him, love his vision and passion, and I’m excited to receive my new fiddle soon! We’ve agreed on a streamlined and mythic Dragon design for the instrument… with wings about the body and a magnificent dragon-head at the, well, head. 🙂 It will be based on his Equester VY4 headless design (with machine pegs at the bottom end of the instrument–which I’ve always preferred and desired for my electric instruments!). Having seen the first rough-draft of his plans, I know it’ll be just perfect for me! 🙂

Equester hand-makes and designs custom electric violins, cellos, and guitars in acrylic, and, from what I’ve been able to find, his instruments have a wonderful sound and ease of playability. Additionally, he is a joy to work and communicate with! Check out his website here. And be sure to check out his gallery of custom designs, too!


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