STQ Summer…

STQ Summer…

I know… it seems like I’ve just got a LOT going on this summer– and, boy, do I ever! Among the “usual” stuff (i.e., teaching… trying to compose and/or write… gigging and performing…), I’m in the middle of three major record projects for three very separate groups and labels!

Thankfully, though, one of them — the all-original, full-length studio album debut for my very unique band “String Theory Quartet” — is complete and in the midst of proper distribution! I can’t fully express how VERY EXCITED we are! This album is AMAZING! A project of love and passion, truly!

The album is called: “abstract”

It should be available at (hopefully!) by tomorrow; and if not then, then certainly any day now! We will be on iTunes and Amazon and many other music distribution sites as well, in their own individual timings.
But– we are offering a PreSale opportunity right now so you can get your copy from this first Limited Edition run of CDs today! :mrgreen:
Please visit our “abstract” Album Page for all the details and to fill out the order form.
**As you scroll down the page, you’ll also be able to listen to thirty-second samples from each track, as well as download your very own Extended Lyrics and Notes sheet for the album!**
—> One more thing: We are offering a Live Show Special price for our CDs. You can purchase our album at any live show for $3 less than you would online! 🙂
And, we have two VERY special shows coming up!
Click the above links to take you to all the pertinent information on our website regarding these two gigs.
We are so very thankful and excited to share our one-of-a-kind “Parallel Universes of Sound” with everyone!

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