Photos from Tung Private Concert

Last night, Anne Sherrill, Miguel Cunanan, Kathleen Mangusing, and I had the immense privilege of providing a two hour private chamber music concert in the home of a most generous backer of the Anima Recording Project! The audience was warm and delightfully inquisitive, and (everyone agreed) the acoustics were astonishingly beautiful — I’d venture to say, it was among my favorite-est venues in which to perform great music! 🙂

Our program was completely thrilling! We performed:

It’s not nearly often enough that I get the privilege of playing this caliber of music with such fantastic musicians! :mrgreen: What a truly amazing experience, playing some of the greatest of “later music” for a personable and enthusiastic audience, in a private home — the way chamber music was originally intended! (“Because of its intimate nature, chamber music has been described as ‘the music of friends.’ For more than 200 years, chamber music was played primarily by amateur musicians in their homes…” — Quote found at previous link.)

Luckily, a couple shots were snagged during our warm-up before the show… Enjoy!


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