Leviathan Experiment, Phase 1

I’ve been talking up my graduate thesis work, Leviathan of the Ancient Deep, a lot recently, and I’m hoping one of these days soon somebody will take up the excitement of actually premiering the full work live in concert. It’s a challenge, to be sure, but I know in my heart it’s worth it!

So, to encourage myself, and to prepare a sound sample FINALLY really worthy of being shown to prospective parties ;), I decided to embark on the “Leviathan Experiment.” I’m going through, movement by movement, and bringing in the old MIDI files (that I had “slopped” together in a hurry for my thesis deadlines, since it was only really the score and parts that mattered at the time, lol!) — bringing them into Garageband and polishing them up real nice with decent sounding instruments and special FX… creating a sound file that’s much, much closer to what the real thing would (hopefully!) sound like, were a group to truly take it on!

Even better — I’m only sequencing the orchestral and MIDI accompaniment parts; I plan on actually recording myself playing the solo line on my six-string electric violin! It’ll be great fun!

So, because I was SO impressed with the awesome results so far…

Here is the Accompaniment Track to Leviathan, Movement 1! Remember, there is no solo line added yet; only accompaniment. But, enjoy for now, and keep an eye out for more to come! :mrgreen:


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