Amazing Success!

We did it, everyone!

The “Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine” Pro Recording Project is officially, fully funded!!


to everyone who contributed and helped spread the word! I know this will just be a most amazing experience! :mrgreen:

As of right now, the PARMA team is scheduling out the recording sessions for this Modern String Quartet album project. The plan so far is for me to head out to Boston for two or three days to sit in on the recording of my composition (I just can’t wait!!); I should be going out sometime during either mid-May or early June. I certainly and enthusiastically plan on keeping you all updated on my adventures through this new experience, with pictures, and everything! –> Proof of what you’ve helped to accomplish!! 😀

In addition to this excitement, within the next few months, as part of the rewarding of two very special backers — I will be arranging two very special string quartet concerts to include the live performance of Anima Mechanicae! These performances will be held locally in Southern California, so keep an eye out for news on that!

Once again, I’m just so thrilled to have this opportunity and to see where it will take me next! And I’m grateful to be in the presence of so many wonderful people like you! <3

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