How to Show Your Support for “Anima Mechanicae”

As you know, PARMA sent me an official agreement in regards to the most exciting news— that “Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine” is to be recorded professionally by the New England String Quartet, and released on a Modern String Quartet compilation album this Spring!

In getting this ball rolling, I have set up a account and profile for the Anima Mechanicae Pro Recording Project!

Click here to go to the new Project Page!

You’ll be able to watch my excellent video of the Anima Mechanicae Story and get more info on this thrilling opportunity! You’ll also be able to peruse my backers’ reward list, and to consider the ways in which YOU might be able to participate in the building of this phenomenal, milestone opportunity with me!

Most of all, you can help me by spreading the word (I like to say, “Spam your friends,” LOL!) and sharing the news (and the above link) with everybody in your circle of influence.

Guess what– You know a “famous composer” in your area!

And she is eternally grateful for all the blessings she has in her life, just from knowing people like you! :mrgreen:

Keep an eye out for updates and news on this Project as it moves ahead!

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