New Song Completed!

Haha, yes, as of yesterday, I’ve just completed a brand new song (as opposed to my usual compositions)! I wrote it specifically with my wonderful friends in String Theory in mind.

Thinking back to my most recently completed work, Counterpoint Invariable (which the Rosé Trio will be debuting for the first time at the Chamber Festival this Saturday!!!), I promised myself, as I was contemplating my first truly original tune for String Theory, that I would keep my work simple and charming — not too off-the-wall, as is pretty typical of my work… you know, one thing leads to another, and before you know it, it’s a wild, intellectual ride. :mrgreen:

Well, keeping it as a strict lead sheet with only chords and melody (to allow for free, creative improvisation from the group’s members), I nick-named it “Candy,” because compared to my usual fare, this darling song is “mere pop candy.” Yet, nonetheless, it does go through some VERY interesting chord progressions and time fluctuations! What can I say? I just can’t help myself! 🙂

But the title has really stuck for me; I think it’s just lovely! I had the pleasure of going through the song and making a rough practice-recording of it last night with my talented friend Ken Glaser on guitar, with me singing the vocal melody. I’m absolutely thrilled with the result; this is going to be an amazing tune! Look out for String Theory’s performance of it (along with several other fantastic new covers, as well as original tunes by the other members!) in the very near future!

For your enjoyment, here are the lyrics to “Candy” (Copyright 2012 Sarah Wallin Huff):

I see your smile, the look in your eyes,
I hear your whisper through the trees.
I hardly know, how far to go.
But I know with you by my side, it’s all right.
So take my hand and run with me
across the fields of endless green;
I wait for you blinded with hope.
Someday, find me there.
La…. Loo, loo…. Blinded by the hope of my heart,
Innocence flowers.
Watch through the night, ’til dawn’s first light,
See me approach ‘cross the sea of your soul.
I hardly know, how far to go.
But I know with you by my side, it’s all right.
So, come, take my hand, and brave life’s great storm.
Come, run with the wind; Light in the face of the Dark,
We rise…
Above all concern; beauty for pain,
Count the cost and take the road before us anew.
I see your smile, the look in your eyes.
You wonder, is this meant to be?
I hardly know, how far we’ll go.
But I know with you by my side, we’re all right.
It’s right, this design.
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