Thrilling News!

I just received an official proposal yesterday from PARMA recordings in NH, for my popular string quartet “Anima Mechanicae” to be recorded by a local quartet (such as the New England String Quartet), to be included on their next string quartet CD!!!!! When all is confirmed, it looks like I’ll be going out to the Boston-area late Feb/early March (I’m hoping for early March…) to be very involved in the whole process, from recording (with the engineers in their booth) to post-production. I’ll maintain ALL rights to everything that’s mine… Plus, they even thought highly enough of my playing to offer to let me actually play on the recording with the pros! I’m so very flattered by the offer! But, I think this time around I’ll just be “a composer” and critique others attempting my work, lol… 😉

I’m soooo excited!!!! I’ll keep you all posted on the details as I know them! 😀

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