Happy Special Person Day!


Today was a very special day, a special day honoring Special People who impact the lives of students at the Holy Name of Mary church and school. One of my violin students, Veronica, attends school there, and I had the great honor and privilege of being chosen–out of all the important people in her life–as her one Special Person of the year!

Veronica, eager to play!
Veronica performs a hymn for mass.

I was able to come to morning mass and watch Veronica perform her violin solo during service, then tour her classroom as well as accompany her in a violin duet of “Andantino” for her class. The school provided a delicious lunch for us, took pictures, and made me feel so very welcome. What an amazing day and blessing to be able to be such an important part of my students’ lives!

I’m truly blessed and love what I’m able to do! 🙂

Veronica and Me -- I love this picture!

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